Welcome to my super fantastic awesomely cool website all about my motorcycle adventures. I'm a backyard builder who has a white collar day job. I work on the bikes when I have time, usually in the evenings or on the weekends. I prefer vintage Japanese bikes. I like Harleys and I have a 1976 Sportster project I need to do but I can build five Japanese bikes for what it would cost to build one Harley. I do hope to get to the Sportster soon.

I'm not a shop, not even close to being a professional bike mechanic. If I did this for a living it wouldn't be fun anymore. I help friends with their bikes but I don't do services for pay. My projects aren't the prettiest, I don't take the time to polish all the parts and I don't spend the money to buy all the new fancy stuff. Someday I will do a bike that I polish and paint everything and spend a small fortune on buying new parts.

I have all of the projects I have done recently on here, as well as bikes I have sold, future projects and be sure to check out the events page to see what events I'm hoping to attend plus pictures of places/events I have been to in the past.

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Honda CL350 Tracker

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Motorcycle Graveyard in Lockport, New York

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Mods vs. Rockers - Baltimore MD