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Honda CB350 Cafe

This is one of the CB350s I bought from the motorcycle graveyard in New York and is a pretty simple build with minimal fabrication. I mounted new shocks on the back that I found in the motorcycle graveyard. I had to weld on new lower mounts so they would work on the Cb350 swing arm. I mounted the battery box lower in the frame and moved it forward a little. I also mounted the electrical components I needed around the battery box and made a bracket for and mounted a push starter button. I used the stock gas tank and used a Suzuki seat I found in the motorcycle graveyard. I ran all the wiring except the wire from the starter solenoid to the starter and I need a headlight before I can hook that up.

I finally finished this bike. It turned out to be an easy to ride, well running bike. It was too boring for me so I sold it to a young guy in Ocean City Maryland.