dc Classic Cycles


dynamitedave.com - My main website. It has random stuff on it, mostly it's just pictures.

VA Motorcycle Laws - Good reference for laws pertaining to motorcycles. A basic cliffnote version is, at least one rear view mirror is required, turn signals are not required but if they are on the bike they must work, lane splitting is illegal, ear phones are illegal when worn in both ears (even on bicycles), two motorcycles in one lane side by side is illegal and considered reckless driving. You can look your state's laws up on the same page.

Randy's Cycles - Randy's is a restoration shop an hour or so from me. I always see him and his bikes at the bike shows I go to. His website has a bunch of stuff on it. I use it to see what motorcycle events are going on in our area. He has a blog detailing the rebuilding of a Honda CB750 for personal use.

Kott Motorcycles - Kott Motorcycles is a small scale operation based near Los Angeles California, specializing in the restoration and customization of 1970’s era Honda 750’s, 550’s, and 350’s into cafe style motorcycles.

dcsportbikes.net - Forum for Sport Bike riders in the Metro Washington DC area. Lots of vintage lovers on the board. I am a member but have no direct ties to the site.

The Jockey Journal - The Jockey Journal has good info about Harley type motorcycles. The forum is a great place for pictures and inspiration but unless your project is Harley based don't bother posting it. Seems the forum is full of Sportster conversion projects that all look the same.

Ohio Cafe Racers - Site with lots of good cafe pics and technical info.

350twin.com - Site for CB350. Good links page.

kingcustomcycles.com - Builder of Honda Bobbers. Good tech info and links on the site.