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Motorcycle Auction - Ligonier, Pennsyvania

I rode to an Auction on Saturday in Ligonier, PA. My usual riding buddy, Dan had a hang over or something and couldn't go. So I rolled alone. Getting there wasn't bad; I did 82 miles in my first 60 minutes on the road. 82 mph average speed isn't bad including getting to the highway and being stuck behind slow out-of-towners. I cruised at 95-100mph most of the way once I went passed Frederick, MD and even bumped it up a little on the PA turnpike. Sections of the turnpike are in the mountains and they have perfectly laid out and predictable corner radius' so you can really lay it down and take the curves at great speed. And the corners are banked!!!

I got to the auction just after 10:30am, so a little over 3 hours of straight riding with only one stop for gas. The auction was too crowded, a little unorganized and incredibly slow. The prices for the cars weren't bad; I didn't stick around for the motorcycles. I decided to leave and take my time riding home on the back roads. I got stuck behind 19 Harleys on Rt. 30. I had an opportunity to pass all of them in one shot but I decided speeding passed them at 140 wouldn't be the mature thing to do. Western PA is very pretty. It was cold though and the leaves aren't on the trees in the higher elevations. So I would ride from lush green valleys to cold gray mountain tops.

I had no issues, not even any close calls so it was a good day. In the end it was 486 miles in a little less than 12 hours I think. And I missed the rain so that was sweet.