dc Classic Cycles

Motorcycles I have Sold

1965 Honda CA95

I bought this at the famous Skips Honda auction in West Virginia. It's a neat looking bike. Turns out it needed more work than I was hoping so I sold it on ebay.


1950 Jawa

I was never going to get to this bike so I sold it.


1974 Honda CL200

Cool little bike but too little for me.

Honda CL200

Honda CB450

Basic CB450, had some issues. Sold it to a friend who had a Cb450 he needed parts for.

Honda Cb450

Suzuki GS850

This thing was huge. I rode it around my neighborhood before I sold it. Riding it felt like you were straddling a bull or army tank. This is a big bike.

Suzuki GS850

1980 Honda CB650

The gravel road exploring bike. Read more about it here

Honda CB650

Norton Electra

Rare Norton Electra. See more pictures here.

Norton Electra

Suzuki GS250

I bought this old Suzuki GS250 at an auction for $20.

Suzuki GS250

Kawasaki Ninja 600

This was a first generation Ninja. 1988 model. Sport bikes have come a long way since this was made.

kawasaki Ninja 600

Suzuki TS250

Rough 2 stroke dirt bike.

Suzuki TS250

Kawasaki KE175

Decent little trial bike.

kawasaki KE175

Kawasaki KE100

I went to the dump one morning and stopped a guy just before he pushed this off his trailer into the metal only dumpster. He said his son used to ride it but didn't anymore. Score for me.

kawasaki KE100

Kawasaki KZ650

Pretty neat bike but I fancy the small bikes.

kawasaki LZ650


I try to go on some motorcycle trips through out the year. See far too many pictures of the trips here.

Future projects

I have a number of motorcycles waiting to be worked on. Here are a few.


I sell motorcycles that I don't want from time to time. See them here.