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1973 Honda CB350 (Back Breaker) aka. ball breaker

I wanted to make a low sitting hard tail that looks like it was slammed to the ground. I cut the top of the frame from the neck down to the swing arm and rebuilt it with tube and 16g sheet metal and added plenty of gussets. I mounted the seat pretty much as low as possible leaving room for the minimal electronics I need and the battery. Originally I was going to use a 19” front wheel but I really like the look of having a 21” wheel up front. The wheel is from a 1972 Honda SL350, 1972 is the only year they came with 21" wheels, other years had 19". Some have 21" wheels but they are a different style, they look more like dirt bike wheels. I recessed the forks 2” up through the triple tree. I couldn’t find any decently priced clip-ons that didn’t look like junk so I ordered steel from Aircraft Spruce and made my own. I sectioned a stock CB350 tank to make it flatter. I cut 2” out of the center of it and welded it back together. I will put a sealer in the tank to fill in any possible pin holes. I also fabricated new foot controls and moved the foot rests forward, this was needed since the seat is so low.

This is what I ordered to build the clip ons from Aircraft Spruce. Cost was $31 + shipping
03-09300 4130 STEEL TUBE 1-1/2X.120 1FT
03-02900 4130 STEEL TUBE 1/2X.120 1FT
03-05800 4130 STEEL TUBE 7/8X.095 3FT

Photos by nubbs foto

My friend Ryan riding it.

Tail of the Dragon Trip - 2012