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Blue Ridge Bike Fest - April 2010

Some friends and I rode to the Blue Ridge Bike Fest held in Roanoke, Virginia. We spent nearly all day taking back roads for the 200 mile trip. We road though Charlottsville and Lynchburg to get to Roanoke. We took some great back roads that didn't even have lines painted on them. We took one long twisty road that was hardly paved; it had loose gravel all over it. From Lynchburg we took Rover Road to Rt. 130. River Road is great; it's curvy, has great elevation changes and has great scenery.

The actual Bike Fest was kind of silly. We couldn't even find that actual bike show; there were no signs, no maps, no nothing. We followed everyone else, wound up in the vendor's room where the bikini contest was, some good looking half naked hotties. We wandered outside a bit, watched the stunters, listened to a decent cover band and had one hell of a good pizza.

That evening we rode to Downtown Roanoke. It was pretty and crawling with hotties. We fought about where to eat and settled on probably the lamest place on the block.

While the actual event was lame, the ride down with friends was priceless. Our buddy Brook neglected to fill up his tank on his gas guzzling 1000 which caused him to run out of gas about a half mile downhill from a gas station. We found a bridge that we could get air on and got a few good pictures of me jumping my loaded up sport bike. We found a tall rail road bridge that we had to talk Adam out of riding across. We all got to see show off Adam drop his bike... twice. Once in a gravel parking lot and once on wet pavement in the parking lot of our motel showing off for a beer filled local. On the way home we rode the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. It's a great road and far less crowded this far south. It was a great weekend with the boys.

For more information visit the Blue Ridge Bike Fest website.