dc Classic Cycles

Honda CB350 Cafe Hardtail

This bike started as a complete Cb350. I wanted to put a mono shock on the rear of it that I had off of a SV650. The angle wouldn't work right and there just wasn't enough room around the front of the swing arm so I removed the shock and made it a hard tail.

I wanted the café look for this bike. I welded in a support bar to hold up the seat, smoothed out the frame seams and welded them up to give it a clean look. I welded the swing arm in place by welding braces to the frame and I also welded the uptubes from the frame directly to the swing arm.

I cut Styrofoam and shaped into a café style seat, covered the Styrofoam with tin foil and laid a few layers of fiberglass. Then applied a thin layer of bondo to smooth it all out and painted it. I chipped the Styrofoam out of the hump and mounted it on the bike. Under the bump is where the battery, voltage regulator, rectifier and starter solenoid are. I rewired the whole bike with just the wires needed. I ran the wires where they could not be seen.

I mounted the clubman style handlebars under the top triple tree. I had to cut the handlebar, angle it to clear the forks. I welded in a bung to fill in the void I made when cutting and angling the bars. They are low. Might be uncomfortable but they look cool. I also customized the bracket that holds the speedometer and tachometer and welded the bracket to the handle bar under the top triple tree.

I mounted mufflers from a Harley Davidson Street Bob. They are long, heavy and sweet looking. Since the frame is a hard tail I made a bracket that holds the rear of the mufflers stable. They go through the rear axle and are secured to the muffler with a large hose clamp. They are very stable. I hope they stay that way when the bike is running.

I picked up a 5-3/4" headlight at a swap meet and mounted it to the front.