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1967 Yamaha YDS3 Bobber

I bought this motorcycle out of the local classifieds paper. It was rough and was nearly locked up. It came mostly complete and had a clear title. The engine on it is a 250cc 2 stroke. I liked the way it looked when I saw it, classic look. I took it home and started taking it apart. I stripped to the bare frame. I knew I wanted to cut it up and make into something totally different. I cut the back of the frame and used the metal that I cut off to make the triangle area in the back. I kept the swing arm pivot intact to keep the alignment good. I stripped off anything that wasn’t needed on the frame.

yamaha yds3Yamaha yds3

This was a slow moving project. It was my first custom bobber and I was young and didn’t have the money to spend on it. It’s still not done. It needs to be wired, some small parts and cables.

I added some old car parts to it. The rear fender is the spare tire cover from a 1934 Ford. When I got the bike it was missing an engine cover on the right side of the engine so I put a hubcap from a 1934-1935 1.5 ton Ford truck on it. These are stainless steel so are in pretty good condition when you can find them. The taillight is from a Ford Model A, typical with bobbers. The seat is a genuine leather bicycle seat from the early 1900’s. It’s a Wright made in England. The gas tank is from an early 1970’s Harley Davidson Rapido (shitty moped type bike) and the handlebars are basic drag bars.

yamaha yds3yamaha yds3

I wanted this bike out of my garage and I had a wall in my house that need some decoration so I made a stand to hold the bike and put it over my couch. See it here.